Anthony Rais

Siegfried "The Show"

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As SIEGFRIED, Anthony Rais has proven time and again that he is a show stopper at conventions, annual meetings, trade shows and special events..

Our SIEGFRIED is a remarkable SIEGFRIED look-alike and a professional magician in his own right. At magic conventions his peers mistake Rais for the real SIEGFRIED. Our SIEGFRIED'S approach to his impersonation is comedic, clever, and thoroughly entertaining. His very elaborate costuming would do justice to SIEGFRIED himself. He even provides ornate wardrobe for a Roy assistant chosen from the audience. Our SIEGFRIED will captivate your spectators as they are caught up in the moment and believe that they are seeing, hearing, and experiencing the magic of the real SIEGFRIED.


TOTOLINO, the endearing Marionette who is all too real!

When our SIEGFRIED selects his Roy from your audience, the hilarity begins.  Remember, each new audience produces a new Roy ; therefore, every show is a unique experience!

SIEGFRIED interacts with audience members by doing amazing magic tricks!


The Special Guest Performers in the show include:

TOTOLINO, for the child in all of us.

Anette, his personal assistant... SIEGFRIED never works without A NET!

Our roster includes various guest artists tailored for your event.


SIEGFRIED is a huge hit with children of all ages.

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